The Ventana team is devoted to quality fabrication and installation of glass products and framing systems in virtually every architectural application, including new construction, building rehabilitation, tenant interiors, and custom specialty work. Through quality workmanship, on-time project completion and trusted relationships throughout the country, our team of professions has a strong reputation as one of the top glazing contractors in the nation.

We have nationwide reach and reputation, with offices in Chicago, St. Louis and West Palm Beach and break ground across these markets and disciplines.

Safety First

We take a proactive approach to safety management to provide our clients with projects that go incident free. Our own branded safety program, empowers all personnel on any jobsite to identify and correct hazards/at risk behaviors, reinforce safety compliance and execute the highest standard of safety procedures and practices. With an EMR of .50, Ventana is dedicated to a safe and accident free jobsite.

Best-in-Class Safety Program

As a result, our Experience Modification Rate, a rating system used by insurers to gauge risk of on-site injury, and our Total Injury Rate have beaten industry averages for the past nine years. We are continually improving our processes to enhance our zero injury culture preventing incidents through an organized safety and risk management approach that employs the following:

  • Site Specific Programs for All Jobs
  • Written Hazard Communication and Safety Programs
  • Full-Time Formally Trained Safety Director
  • Regular Safety Meetings with all Field and Plant Persons
  • OSHA 30-Hour Course for Field Superintendents
  • OSHA 10-Hour Course for Field Superintendents and Lead Men
  • First Aid/CPR Classes for Field Superintendents
  • Regular Jobsite “Tool Box” Talks
  • Stretching Program for All Employees
  • First Aid/CPR Classes for Field Superintendents
  • Upper Management of Safety Programs
  • Compliance with all OSHA Programs: Fall Protection, Hazard Communications, Ground Fault and Bloodborne Pathogen

Global Reach

Ventana has developed an extensive,  meticulously managed global sourcing methodology to be able to provide clients with the highest value fenestration products.  Whether it is sourcing unitized window wall from our fabricators in Asia, or jumbo glass from Europe, Ventana has the track record of superior supply chain management to ensure the product arrives in the US on time and under budget.  No matter where in the world the product is sourced, Ventana will have “boots on the ground” to ensure the product is fabricated to our world class standards, along with proprietary risk management tools to protect the end user.

Global Sourcing

Ventana has a proven track record sourcing best in class materials from all across the world, including “boots on the ground” management in foreign countries to ensure the best quality controlled product in the market.

Quality Control

Ventana believes in “over managing” our supply chain when it comes to quality control, as most building performance issues arise from a lack of quality control in the fabrication and assembly process.
For each project, Ventana develops custom quality control plans, identifying the methodology and key risk points in every step of the fabrication. Trained Ventana personnel will be on the factory floor throughout the fabrication project, ensuring our systems are fabricated to our world class standards of quality.


Experts in the Industry

As a design-build building enclosure systems contractor, Ventana has created a unique model to ensure the performance of your glass and glazing projects which include: window walls, hybrid window walls, curtainwalls, structural glass façades and all types of specialty glass installs.

Excellent Track Record

The Ventana team collectively has over 50 years of experience in the enclosure systems business, delivering projects for our clients: general contractors, architects, and owners.

Culture of Integration

Ventana’s leadership is aligned with the integrated delivery approach. They have a vast network of material suppliers, fabricators and installers in their partnership team. It is this network that enables Ventana to find the right partner for each assignment and to create a competitive environment to control costs.

Financial Strength

Ventana has averaged $75 million annually over the last five years.

Outstanding Service

Each team member – office, field and plant – is committed to servicing the customer at every phase of the project. Our employees are well-trained and committed to producing top quality work. Our commitment to service distinguishes us from our competition. We do what it takes!

Written Schedules

We provide written schedules at the start of every job and stick to them.

Engineering & Design Assist

We provide expert advice and design services when your project requires them.

Quality Products

The adage “you get what you pay for” is very true with glass, metal and sealant products. We use top brand products that match the application.

Industry Updates

We keep our customers informed of new glass products, innovative metal systems and other industry updates.

Ready to Collaborate

Ventana has an experienced design assist workforce.