Hudson’s Site Development – Block

Detroit, Michigan

The Block will featuring customized versions of the Ventana unitized curtain wall system, including faceted walls, glazed in sunscreens, and acoustic systems.

Ventana has been selected to design, manufacture, and install the curtain wall system at the new low rise tower called the “Block” in downtown Detroit, Michigan. The Block is a part of the Hudson’s Site Development, which namesake comes from the iconic J.L. Hudson’s flagship store that formerly stood where the site is. This project will be a major part of the continuing revitalization of Detroit.

Key Facts

Location: Detroit, Michigan
Size:  200,000 SF
Value:  $30 Million
Owner:  Bedrock
Developer:  Bedrock
Architect:  SHoP & Kendall Heaton
Builder:  Barton Malow