Ventana designs, supplies, and installs high-performing curtain wall facade systems.

The facade is one of the major risk factors on any building, and the team at Ventana has a proven track record of taking the risk and delivering superior facade systems that guarantee long-term performance.


Hands-On Approach
Ventana’s management team strives to get “hands on” with projects as early as possible. We welcome the opportunity to work through the design phase with developers, owners, architects and general contractors to help provide the best possible solution to fit your specific needs. Similarly, we understand the overall schedule is critical to a project’s success, and we pride ourselves on our ability to complete quality projects in time frames that our competitors find daunting. Our network of system designers and engineers is second to none. We offer visually stunning façades while maintaining a great system performance, without compromising budget or schedule.

Design Assist Services
Ventana specializes in and offers design assist services to our customers. The design assist process has proven to be very effective in mitigating the risk posed by complex design requirements, and the use of emergent materials and specialized technology. Design assist is essentially a method to involve the necessary specialty expertise as early as possible in the design process. A compelling reason to embrace a design assist strategy is that it greatly facilitates fast track delivery and schedule acceleration, while removing waste and redundancy from the procurement process. The design assist contracting method is a key component in a broad, integrative process evolution that is bringing fundamental change to the building industry, and Ventana has deep experience with this methodology.

Traditional Bid Services
Ventana offers budgeting services in addition to hard bidding. Ventana can also assist with scheduling, phasing and logistics plans, as well as installation procedures.

Facade Systems

Quality Fabrication and Installation
The Ventana team is devoted to quality fabrication and installation of glass products and framing systems in virtually every architectural application, including new construction, building rehabilitation, tenant interiors, and custom specialty work. Through quality workmanship, on-time project completion and trusted relationships throughout the country, our team of professionals has a strong reputation as one of the top glazing contractors in the nation.

Curtain Wall System

Ventana’s curtain wall system is a high-performing system and as all curtain wall systems, it runs outside of the slab and typically attached to the structure with embeds. Our curtain wall system is 4-sided structurally glazed and assembled in a plant for superior performance. The units are fabricated in a controlled, dust-free environment, the structurally glazed system provides an excellent air and water seal, and the majority of the quality control is performed in the plant. Further, all our systems have a dual line of defense and are based on the rainscreen principle. On the exterior, there is a rainscreen gaskets that blocks most of the water from entering the system. Behind the rainscreen gasket, there is a 40mm deep rainscreen cavity. The rainscreen cavity is a wet area and serves to pressure equalize the system to hinder air and water from being pulled back into the system. Lastly, behind the rainscreen cavity, there is a final line of defense – the air seal gasket. Due to the deep rainscreen cavity, Ventana can attach features such as fins and sunshades to our system without penetrating the final line of defense.

Window Wall System

Ventana’s window wall system is one of the best performing window walls in the industry. Our window wall system uses the same chassis as our curtain wall system and has the very same qualities; it is a unitized 4-sided structurally glazed system with a dual line of defense and is based on the rainscreen principle. What makes the window wall system different compared to our curtain wall system is the system depth and the fact that it sits between the slabs instead of running outside of the slab like the curtain wall system. Additionally, the anchorage of our window wall system is different. No embeds are used for window wall systems; instead head and sill receptors are anchored to the slabs. Ventana’s sill receptors have chicken heads similar to that of the stack-joint found in curtain wall units, which provides excellent performance. Slab edge covers are also part of the window wall systems and can be custom made to fit the design desired by the client.

Double Wall

The primary purpose of a double wall is to improve the energy efficiency and occupancy use of a building. It can act as an enhanced thermal barrier during cold temperatures, while being able to provide ventilation during warm temperatures through operable windows and or louvers. The cavity between the two walls is usually about 3’ deep, which allows for cleaning and maintenance to be done to both of the facades. Certain more advanced strategies can use the cavity to redirect natural light into the building. This cavity is also commonly used as a location for automated blinds that can provide optimal solar control depending on the time of day and orientation. The two walls also act as a barrier to sound which results in greater occupant health and productivity.

Technical Library

Ventana Design-Build Systems has developed a complete line of custom high-performance exterior cladding systems and products for use in the commercial contract glazing industry.

The base systems are designed around using common core elements to provide consistency and continuity between systems. All of the products are designed to be pressure equalized and rainscreened to the extent possible in order to maximize the system performance.

The main framing members and internal components are designed using standard metric dimensions to facilitate precision of fabrication in our off shore fabrication/assembly facilities, in addition to our domestic capability.