Cook County Central Campus Health Center — Chicago, Illinois


Dominion Energy 600 Canal Place — Richmond, Virginia


Pfizer — Chesterfield, Missouri


McDonald’s World Corporate Headquarters — Chicago, Illinois


100 Above the Park — St. Louis, Missouri


Wills Wharf — Baltimore, Maryland


545 Wyn — Miami, Florida

Facade Systems

Quality Fabrication And Installation

The Ventana team is devoted to quality fabrication and installation of glass products and framing systems in virtually every architectural application. Through quality workmanship, on-time project completion and trusted relationships, our team of professionals has a strong reputation as one of the top glazing contractors in the nation.

Curtain Wall

Window Wall


Truss System

Cable Truss

Double Wall

Cable Net

Glass Fins

Technical Library

Cladding Systems And Products

Ventana Design-Build Systems has developed a complete line of custom high-performance exterior cladding systems and products for use in the commercial contract glazing industry.

The base systems are designed around using common core elements to provide consistency and continuity between systems. All of the products are designed to be pressure equalized and rainscreened to the extent possible in order to maximize the system performance.


Shadow Boxes


Our Process

To Optimize the Value Proposition



Curtainwall Provider
*In the United States


of Experience
*in the enclosure systems business, delivering projects

Ventana’s management team strives to get “hands on” with projects as early as possible. We welcome the opportunity to work through the design phase with developers, owners, architects and general contractors to help provide the best possible solution to fit your specific needs. Similarly, we understand the overall schedule is critical to a project’s success, and we pride ourselves on our ability to complete quality projects in time frames that our competitors find daunting. Our network of system designers and engineers is second to none. We offer visually stunning façades while maintaining a great system performance, without compromising budget or schedule…

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