Company Overview

The Art and Science of Enclosure Systems

Ventana designs, supplies, and installs high-performing curtain wall façade systems. By working closely with the design team, we can ensure a competitively priced façade that is water and air tight, and allows for optimal thermal control of the interior space. Traditionally, the façade is one of the major risk factors on any building, and the team at Ventana has a proven track record of taking the risk and delivering superior façade systems that guarantee long-term performance.

The building enclosure business is very unusual in that there are usually 2 types of companies: small, sometimes financially challenged ones that struggle with the “complete enclosure responsibility” concept, and then there are the larger companies who are extremely busy managing larger, multimillion dollar projects. The first type often has trouble with quality and performance, and may disappear when things go on. The second type tends to only get competitive when necessary. Ventana is different than either type. Our business model is based on delivering full building enclosure systems and our experience and expertise supports this model. Ventana, as a Clayco subsidiary, is financially strong and we will be very competitive. We are great collaborators, and working with the designers, builders and owners is where we thrive.

In the past five years, Ventana’s team averaged over $75 million annually. Ventana works exclusively as a Building Enclosure/Envelope specialist.