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Ventana supplied and installed 59,000 square feet of custom designed, unitized curtain wall for the new Pfizer Facility.

Ventana designed, manufactured, and installed the exterior wall systems at Pfizer’s new state-of-the-art Research and Development facility in Chesterfield, Missouri. The facility houses Pfizer’s BioTherapeutics Pharmaceutical Sciences group, which is responsible for advancing Pfizer’s biologics, vaccines, and gene therapy portfolio by developing manufacturing processes and dosage forms by applying analytical technologies, conducting non-GMP manufacturing, and scale-up studies.

The Pilot Plant is a production facility that will be used for the first run of the innovative products that are being developed in the R&D Lab. The most notable being the complex manufacturing and testing process to create Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine.

The exterior skin consists of Ventana’s MWS-180 system, which is a seven inch deep, high-performing, unitized curtain wall system. The project materials were sourced locally in the United States. The system was fabricated by Performance Architectural in Alabama and the glass was provided by Viracon in Minnesota. The 59,000-square-foot project features 1-1/16 inch thick low-iron, insulated glass units with Viracon’s VNE-53 low-E coating applied on the number two surface. VNE-53 provides an outstanding performance with a Visible Light Transmission of 52% and a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of 0.23. Further, five different custom frit patterns were provided in the spandrel areas of the project and the typical 1/4 inch outboard lites were replaced with 5/16 inch outboard lites in order to provide a façade with a flatter appearance.




Chesterfield, Missouri


59,000 SF


  • Value: $7 Million
  • Developer: CRG
  • Architect: Lamar Johnson Collaborative
  • Builder: Clayco